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BelAmi: Just Relax And Have Fun With Enrique Vera and Jamie Durrell

Both of our BelAmi models today have something in common that you don’t know about.. They were both rejected by the same trainer to take part in fitness competitions… Jamie Durrell for being too thin, an Enrique Vera for being too fat!

While we can understand that Jamie Durrell does not make the grade as a body builder, anyone calling Enrique Vera too fat has to be crazy. Luckily there is one way to make up the the disappointment and the bruised egos, and that is a good old fashioned fuck.

Before we saw this scene we assumed that it would be Jamie Durrell topping Enrique Vera, but to our surprise it is the other way around, and it works out really well.. with Enrique being able to focus all his energy into giving Jamie a great time, much better than some silly competition anyday!

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