Freshmen Debut Performance: Jorik Tautou and Carl Avignon

We have a little confession to make whilst presenting Carl Avignon‘s Freshmen debut performance: sadly, this was the first and only scene he made with us. Kevin Warhol chose the first partner for our newbie today, the equally slim, youthful and charming Jorik Tautou.

Together Jorik Tautou and Carl Avignon serve up a special treat for all twink-lovers amongst us. The hot and heady sex led us to expect big things from young Carl but sadly this was the last time we saw him. But don’t give up hope, he may still turn up again.

In todays’ scene, he is paired with Jorik Tautou who tops Carl Avignon so hard his cock erupts in an explosion of cum that would make Vesuvius (or even Adam) jealous.

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