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At the Gym: Jeroen Mondrian and Jonas Miller

Although we didn’t film in it too much, it was very nice to have our very own gym (see here) for the boys to use. Today’s scene is one of the few where our cameramen let Jeroen Mondrian and Jonas Miller work up a sweat before starting in on the action.

Resident fitness trainers, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery kindly offer their services for some private training for Jonas Miller, but wisely he decides to stick with getting his instruction from sexy Jeroen Mondrian. Once all their abs and pecs have had a sufficient workout the boys decide to head home to work out some more intimate muscles.

The sex between these Jeroen Mondrian and Jonas Miller is every bit as energetic and sweaty as their workout, with Jeroen taking the role of top for the scene and giving Jonas’ ass a workout in every position and location he can think of.

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