BelAmi Summer in Prague: Kieran Benning and Derek Caravaggio

We get a little messy today in this BelAmi Summer in Prague update, when a bored Kieran Benning decides that the thing he wants to do the most, is cover Derek Caravaggio in whipped cream, and then lick it all off.

We’ve know for quite a while that Kieran Benning has a bit of a dominant streak in him, but what we didn’t know is that Derek Caravaggio gets quite turned on by being submissive, and really enjoys Kieran’s manhandling of him here today. This is one of the few times we really see Kieran let go of all restraints and give his buddy a thorough working over.

For those who think Kieran Benning may be a little rough, we assure you that there were no complaints from Derek Caravaggio and we promise we’ll keep him under better control next time.

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