BelAmi: Action Scene with Antony Lorca and Rene Ferri

We’d like to start today with a little explanation of our programming… Most of the time we run series on a weekly or monthly basis, and then we have collections of scenes that all have something in common that we run in one week. The theme for this week is BelAmi boys that fall somewhere around our ‘Flirting With Porn‘ category, some a little more, some a little less.

In today’s scene Rene Ferri falls into this category and this is the last scene that we have with him. Antony Lorca is the lucky guy to give Rene this final fuck here, and what a fuck it is.

We know Antony Lorca had plans to go out after this and find some more guys to have a 3way with, but after this action we’re pretty sure that he decided to stay home and recover.

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