BelAmi: Extreme Gymnastic Sex With Sven Basquiat and Jens Christensen

It’s our first BelAmi Summer in Prague scene for 2021 today and we have a double blond bonanza with Sven Basquiat and Jens Christensen and they seem determined to give us an example of extreme gymnastic sex.

Apart from filming porn, Sven Basquiat is now working as an online life coach helping people get their life and bodies in shape, although we guess that this scene should come with the warning of ‘do not try this at home’.

By the time we get to the fucking part, the guys seem to over showing off their fancy moves and we settle into some good old-fashioned pounding. From being mainly a bottom, Jens Christensen is a remarkably pleasing top , both for us to watch, and by the expressions on Sven Basquiat‘s face, also to be fucked by.

The scene does have one drawback though in that Jens Christensen‘s cumshot ended up mostly inside Sven Basquiat, so we don’t get to see too much, but we thought that overall the scene more than makes up for it.

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