Belami Special Occasion – Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey

Today’s offering is a scene that we have been saving for a special occasion, and George Duroy thought that the lead up to Christmas this year would be a time worthy of this all-star combination.

In Part 1 we start odd with 2 guys who are probably equal in romanticism and sensuality, Rhys Jagger and Julien Hussey. When it came to casting Julien as the bottom for this scene it was a no brainer, although he doesn’t exhibit the same primal need to get fucked as guys like Marcel Gassion or Dylan Maguire, he enjoys it every bit as much, and with the right partner, burns with an intensity that is rarely seen.

Luckily all the stars are aligned today and we work up to a cumshot that is probably the biggest we have ever seen from Julien Hussey. That this scene stands on it’s own as a classic is without doubt, only to be bettered by knowing that for Part 2, we add the phenomenal Jean-Daniel Chagall into mix.

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