Freshmen: Budapest Adventure with Bart Cuban and Helmut Huxley

Since Bart Cuban’s Freshmen introduction just over a year ago, he has become one of your favourites. So, as a local, we couldn’t leave him out of our “Budapest Adventure” series. Today, he is being seduced by another one of your favourites, Helmut Huxley.

Most of our Hungarian models speak some English or manage to pick up a smidgin as they go along. Bart Cuban is an exception to that rule and only speaks Hungarian. Fortunately, he is fluent in sex intuitively understanding what to do and rarely needing any direction at all. His appetite for sex is also inexhaustible and he is always keen to jump in front of the camera with another sexy guy.

This video is a cross between our home video and the classic format, so we hope you enjoy. Though Helmut Huxley is also lacking in English speaking skills, he still manages to sum up sex with Bart Cuban perfectly saying, “Maybe you don’t speak too much, but it is fun with you”.

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