Freshmen: Ashton Montana and Benoit Ulliel

There’s much we will learn in this Freshmen scene featuring Ashton Montana and Benoit Ulliel. First, we find out that Benoit has difficulty counting to twenty.
Generally, this is not a task we require of our models so maybe he was just caught off guard at the unexpected demand of higher mathematics. Our second revelation is that Ashton has no time for hide and seek, preferring to be at home, naked and masturbating.

While all this seems cryptic, it will become clear when you watch the video. Our director Kevin Warhol decided to add some variety letting Ashton Montana cum before the fucking begins. Or maybe it’s because Benoit Ulliel’s oral skills are so good that Ashton doesn’t even think of his buddy’s needs until after he shoots his load all over Benoit’s face.

Perhaps feeling guilty over this faux pas, gentlemanly Ashton Montana offers his ass for recompense. This is an offer Benoit Ulliel happily takes, fucking Ashton’s eager ass until he shoots a huge and creamy load.

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