BelAmi Summer in Prague: Helmut Huxley and Bruce Querelle

Who knew that Helmut Huxley was such a horny lech! Using his fancy car as bait to pick up Bruce, it is his big dick that finally seals the deal for Bruce Querelle in today’s “Summer in Prague” update.

Both Helmut Huxley and Bruce Querelle are true versatile performers, but somehow we always prefer Bruce as a bottom and Helmut as a top. So we were expecting a lot from this scene… and it certainly does not disappoint. All of the action abounds with lust and desire right from the moment Helmut pushes Bruce up against the wall, passionately kissing him before going down on him and taking his big dick into his mouth.

Few boys take all of Helmut Huxley‘s length (8 inches) with as much pleasure as Bruce Querelle does, and as a result Helmut holds nothing back here today. It seems that Luke Hamill is learning something from Kevin Warhol‘s directorial style and lets the scene progress naturally with as few cuts as possible and giving us a great scene with 2 of BelAmi’s hottest porn models!

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