Get To Know Him Better: Antony Lorca and Maori Mortensen

Regular BelAmi member will be able to tell right from the beginning that today’s scene is filmed for us by guest director, Vlado Iresch.

We open with the boys explaining why they are here today, followed by a quick shower from Maori Mortensen before we get onto the main action. Antony Lorca admits that he has been admiring Maori since meeting him first a few weeks before, and is looking forward to this chance to get to know him better.

Both guys are in great shape, with Maori Mortensen probably being a little more muscular, and Antony Lorca lean. In addition to the great physiques, both guys have amazing and big dicks and Maori stays hard as a rock all the time while Antony is fucking him. The sex is probably best described as sensual, but still intense and we get some great closeups of Antony thrusting his big cock into his buddies tight hole.

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