Freshmen: Justin Saradon and Newcomer Nikk Lanier

It’s a hurly burley world, gripped by a pandemic and no industry- certainly not the porn industry- has immunity. So, we hope you’ll forgive our springing Nikk Lanier first scenes prior to his formal introduction which will come early in the new year. We are breaking one of the Freshmen rules this week when we bring you newcomer Nikk Lanier without a proper introduction. Hopefully you will forgive us this one time.

The special part of Nikk Lanier‘s first outing is that it is in a flip flop scene with Justin Saradon. Nikk is still very new at Freshmen, but we all see the potential to become a very good gay porn star!

Those concerned with the break from protocol can take solace that this scene is a special flip flop featuring the one and only Justin Saradon. Though this is the first time they’ve met, one can easily imagine them becoming best (fuck) buddies. Both have a huge sexual appetite and possess similar physiques and dicks. Our newbie is passive for the first scene, staying rock hard the entire time Justin is fucking him before taking the active role for the second scene.

As a newbie, Nikk Lanier has an excellent showing improving incrementally as he forgets that he is ‘performing’ and focuses instead on giving Justin a good fucking. Nikk completed his first post covid scene last week, so we hope that the worst days of the pandemic are behind us.

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