Derek Caravaggio and Ariel Vanean

Ariel Vanean has a new boyfriend. BelAmi were a little worried that his new love would interfere with his work sex life, but it seems to just make him even more horny than usual. The lucky recipient of his pent up sexual energy today is Derek Caravaggio, who was also wondering around the chateau looking for some action, so when production manager Rhys sends them off to have some fun together they waste no time in getting down to business.

There is some pretty amazing physical chemistry between Derek Caravaggio and Ariel Vanean today as they literally ravage each other all the way though the scene, it is as if neither of them have had sex for months!

The fucking is particularly energetic as Ariel Vanean tries his best to satisfy Derek Caravaggio‘s need to get fucked. For his part Derek relishes every stroke of Ariels cock inside of him, eventually exploding with a huge load of cum all over his chest.

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