Freshmen: Jack Harrer and Pip Caulfield

Friendship has its limits- even among our Freshmen crew. Jack Harrer is horny for a fresh newbie, but Adam Archuleta is afraid that Jack might frighten them off with his oversized dick (see here) and equally oversized passion.

Fortunately, Jack Harrer is persistent and won’t take no for an answer. He’s also fortunate in whom he picked as his “target” as Pip Caulfield matches Jack’s passion and reacts to big dicks with lust, not fright. While Jack employs all his powers of seduction, it proves unnecessary as Pip is quickly on his knees gobbling up as much of Jack’s dick as he can handle.

Though the Freshmen scene starts as a comedy (by porn standards) there is nothing humorous about the action. Pip Caulfield is one of the few guys that Jack Harrer can fuck with abandon as the harder and faster he’s fucked with a big dick the more Pip loves it. Jack is only too happy to supply Pip with the big dick and vigorous fuck he craves. Though both guys have an abundance of great scenes- this stands out as one of the best for both.

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