Freshmen Movie Project: Jeff Mirren with Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol

Though you’ve already seen our Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer Movie Project on BelAmi, we haven’t shown you our first attempt to start this project. There are considerable risks in allowing Jack to have creative control for a project especially since the planning typically will start with a big fat joint!

Fortunately, the more experienced and sober Kevin Warhol is there to prevent Jack Harrer’s ideas from getting too grandiose. For this potential opening scene, the boys selected sexy and experienced Jeff Mirren as their scene partner.

It’s easier to just let you see the Kafkaesque enticement the boys used to coax Jeff Mirren into being their scene partner than it is to explain it. What’s important is that it worked, and Jeff ends up in the middle of a three-way fuckfest being tag teamed by “Jose” and Kevin Warhol.

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