Freshmen: Allan Aimée and Benoit Ulliel

Beautiful sunsets, great works of art, moving music and Allan Aimée’s ass-all sources of inspiration. For instance, Allan Aimée’s big debut was supposed to be today. However, Serge Cavalli was so “inspired” by Allan’s ass that he just had to get his hands on it and his dick inside it resulting in his first scene being part of last April’s Freshmen BootCamp series.

This worked out well as Serge Cavalli turned out to be an ideal partner for Allan Aimée’s big debut. Allan’s scene partner today, Benoit Ulliel, might lack the finesse of other trainers however he too seems moved by Allan Aimée’s ass as he fucks it with an energy and enthusiasm that leaves both boys panting and satisfied. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Allan- and his ass- in the future.

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