Freshmen: Ashton Montana and Kirk Gauguin

Here is Ashton Montana’s much-anticipated hardcore debut. For this special occasion, George Duroy has decided to pair him with the easy-going Kirk Gauguin. We join Kirk as he faces a problem common to our models: he can’t contain his hard on in his boxers. It’s a mystery as to why he bothers changing pants with Jerome as he is naked moments later. Despite these antics, Kirk is not the star of this scene.

This honour belongs to newcomer Ashton Montana. Ashton possesses all the attributes to make him a top model: blond floppy hair, innocent looks and a sexual appetite to match our horniest boys. He makes his debut as a bottom here, but rest assured you’ll see a lot more of him in the future. As we have some special Freshmen editions coming up in December, you’ll have to wait till January for his follow up scene.

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