Freshmen: Andy McAllister and Benoit Ulliel

It is hard to balance the desire for higher education with the needs of the libido. Benoit Ulliel is studying for a history test and he enlisted the aid of Andy McAllister to help. While Andy has the knowledge, he’s having trouble conveying it to Benoit. It seems Benoit is more interested in Smut than Smoot Hawley, his current rising erection over previous economic contractions, and his current over-production of sperm more than the past over-production of agriculture.

Perhaps next time he should hire a more homely tutor. Or perhaps this is just Andy McAllister’s clever way of getting laid. You’ll remember in Andy’s last scene he was trying to convince Phil Jarreau of the benefits of reading only to have the results be the same. Maybe Andy knows our boys find sexy geeks irresistible. He is smart!

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