Freshmen: Matthieu Pique and Joel Birkin

Sometimes you must take the good with the bad. We’re hoping (perhaps futilely) that this is the attitude those who dislike Joel Birkin’s selfies will take. The good starts with our getting to see Joel and “(not so) little Joel” looking for a place he can jerk off in private. The good gets better as, failing that, Joel Birkin practices his seduction skills on a sleeping Matthieu Pique who gets to enjoy a wake-up blow job from his big-dicked buddy.

Though this makes for a very good morning for Matthieu Pique, Joel Birkin’s big dick up his ass will make this good morning great! While many can take all of Joel, few do it with as much enthusiasm as Matthieu. A camera in Joel’s hand is fine with Matthieu if he’s got that dick between his legs.

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