Freshmen: Jens Christensen and Robin Rief

The gloves and condom come off in this “battle” of the blonds at Balaton! Here, going below the belt is encouraged. Our Czech Champion Jens Christiansen faces off against our Freshmen HUNGarian hero, Robin Reif. The blow by blows shared here are far more pleasurable than punches as each boy tries to out deepthroat the other. It’s hard to judge who won this round. Is it Jens who manages to take all of Robin’s thick cock down his throat or Robin who has the pleasure of Jen’s mouth and throat?

Robin Rief is a pugilist with heart, only too happy to bear the ass assault Jens provides. Jens Christensen shows enormous stamina giving all that Robin can take. The conflict cums to a draw as both boys wind up down for the count, sexually exhausted but still ready for round two!

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