Freshmen: Hoyt Kogan and Benoit Ulliel

Have pity for Hoyt Kogan as the travails of being hot, sexy and a great lover are under-appreciated. The first burden is that he attracts other beautiful friends like Kevin Warhol and Jerome Exupery who always take an inordinate interest in his paramours. So, when he brings home Benoit Ulliel for a “first date” the two lovely pains-in-the-ass can scarcely leave them in peace for a minute.

What was poor Benoit Ulliel thinking? Scoring a hottie like Hoyt Kogan and then not having a moment of privacy! He must have been very pleased when Jerome Exupery and Kevin Warhol finally retreat to the kitchen so he can have his way with Hoyt. Another burden of looking and fucking like Hoyt is that your partners always cum too quickly!

Multiple cameramen have had to endure the annoyance of having his partners climax in the middle of the scene. Benoit Ulliel is another “victim” of a Hoyt-fuck as he loses his thick and creamy load long before Hoyt Kogan is done with him.

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