Budapest Pick-Up: Bastian Dufy, Orri Aasen and Raphael Nyon

It’s a 3way Thursday today as the duo Orri Aasen and Bastian Dufy take a trip to Budapest and are on the hunt for a 3rd boy to spice up their sex life a bit.
Luckily Orri has a contact in Hungary that has never failed to deliver the perfect boy. The boy that meets Orri’s exacting requirements this time happens to be the good looking Raphael Nyon with his great fitness model body.

We half expected Orri Aasen to require another top so that he could be fucked by 2 big dicks, but this time he is actually after someone who is happy to be fucked by both himself and Bastian Dufy.
The sex itself is 1st rate here with the boys having great chemistry and a lot of built-up sexual energy.

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