Freshmen BootCamp: Jim Durden and Robin Rieff

Seduction can be as simple as “Do you want to fuck”? Other times it requires all the grace, charm and finesse one can muster. This Freshmen BootCamp scene falls in between those two extremes as Jim Durden requires some lingual assistance from Joel Birkin to convey his desire for Hungarian cutie Robin Rieff. However, once it is apparent that the desire is shared, Jim quickly dismisses Joel.

The seduction continues as Jim Durden demonstrates a different kind of lingual talent by deep-throating Robin Rieff. Then he gives him the fuck of his life. Those familiar with Luke Hamill‘s career both as star and director will no doubt recognise his involvement in the acrobatic positions used here. This scene is one of the highlights of our series as Jim exercises all of this power-top skills to satisfy the hungry ass of his new-found friend.

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