Freshmen: Paul Cassidy and Justin Saradon

We began Paul Cassidy‘s introduction last month in a scene with Pierre Cezanne and it concludes this month with Justin Saradon. The seduction starts in the bathroom. Those who enjoy three-ways might be disappointed when they quickly dismiss Kieran Benning.

That disappointment will disappear as soon as you witness the hot oral action. A delicious appetiser before the main course that takes place in the bedroom. You may forget Justin Saradon‘s vastly greater experience when you see Paul Cassidy‘s natural gift for making love. It manifests as a scene featuring two very accomplished lovers as the sex is fast paced and intense highlighting Paul’s love for getting fucked.

Remember this is only Paul Cassidy‘s introduction. We’re confident that those yet convinced to hold him as a firm favourite will, like Justin Saradon, eventually succumb to his charms.

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