Freshmen: Kirk Gauguin and Peter Annaud

Peter Annaud is endowed with a hot body, a massive sex drive and, of course, a huge dick. Unfortunately, he’s lacking in one important quality: time management. For instance, he has tried and failed three times to do a live sex chat. First, he overslept, then he was hungover, and now when he’s finally ready to go his friend Kirk Gauguin comes by and offers to fuck him.

While Phillipe Gaudin may be miffed at Peter Annaud for missing his time slot and we certainly don’t condone procrastination, we can’t really call being fucked by Kirk Gauguin “wasted time”. Kirk’s dick is large, but Peter’s tool is massive in comparison. Watching Peter’s dick bounce as he rides Kirk will add a whole new meaning to the term “horse around”.

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