Freshmen: Kieran Benning and Jarrod Lanvin

I wish I could regal you with a humorous anecdote regarding the scene’s introduction. The truth is we’re just as confused as you. All I can say is, weirder shit then this happens on film sets all the time, George Duroy says.

After our hero’s introduction, we’re treated to a bathroom blowjob. Kieran Benning and Jarrod Lanvin quickly decide they need a more romantic locale to continue their tryst. While I can’t explain the introduction, I can say two things about what follows: One, Kieran, the top for this encounter, demonstrates his ability to give his partner’s pleasure. Two, Jarrod loves to get fucked as much as any of our current generation- especially when his partner has a cock as big as Kieran’s.

Afterwards Kieran Benning and Jarrod Lanvin attempt to clean up with a shower. Then they get dirty again, rounding off the scene with an after-shower fuck. As porn aficionados know, often dirty is better.

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