Freshmen: Mael Gauthier and Pip Caulfield

Mael Gauthier’s reputation for shyness is undeserved. He’s just a bit more reserved than the rest of our rowdy bunch. Two members of that bunch, Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta, attempt to break Mael from his shell through a benevolent prank. They tell him he is coming for a photoshoot, but their real intention is for him to give Pip Caulfield the fucking of his life. He’s surprised at first but recovers quickly enough to show Pip why Hungarians have a reputation for being great lovers.
Pip Caulfield’s appreciation for his lover’s skills is matched by his love of cock evident throughout the video. Mael Gauthier shows equal enthusiasm for Pip’s ass as he pushes his huge creamy load back into him.

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