Fucked for the Very First Time: Hoyt Kogan and Kirk Gauguin

Our lead Freshmen Viva Columbia scene features Hoyt Kogan and Kirk Gaugin. Hoyt is lamenting two difficulties, he doesn’t speak Spanish and he’s having a hard time picking up guys. Fortuitously, Kirk arrives to solve the second problem.

After some negotiation, Hoyt Kogan convinces Kirk Gauguin to try bottoming for the first time and they head off to Hoyt’s “love den”. When there, Hoyt eases Kirk’s nerves telling him not to worry and that he will take good care of him. Hoyt wasn’t lying. He “takes care of him” by first treating him to one of the most sumptuous and erotic blowjobs of the series followed by some of the horniest sex. If only all our “first times” could be like this.

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