BelAmi: Jason Bacall and Helmut Huxley Showing Off!

Apart from being a natural porn star, there is something else we need to tell you about Helmut Huxley… The only way to get him to work, is to convince him that it is not work at all, so when presented with the opportunity to help the BelAmi team out in setting up the terrace today he quickly runs off in search of something less mundane and more fun.

Luckily he finds another porn star Jason Bacall, who is of like mind, and already jerking off in his room. Knowing that it is going to be a lot more fun helping out Jason than helping out his other buddies, Helmut Huxley quickly jumps in to lend a hand to his horny buddy.

All that showing off his ass yesterday seems to have put Helmut Huxley in the mood for bottoming and Jason Bacall is just the guy to help him out.

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