BelAmi Summer in Prague Update: Peter Annaud and Serge Cavalli

Normally if BelAmi models have problems filming we simply reschedule the scene and everyone gets the days off. When we are in the middle of a major production however we are unable to do that and the production team has to get creative and make the most of every moment available.

Today Adam Archuleta and Kevin Warhol suffered a double tragedy when both the A and B choices were unable to film. Luckily we have some ‘go to’ models for exactly these type of situations… guys that are sexy but reliable, committed and excellent performers.

Luckily for us they are also 2 of your favourite guys as well, Peter Annaud and Serge Cavalli. Serge is the top for today’s BelAmi Summer in Prague update, and will let you judge for yourselves how our 2 heroes did in this ’emergency’ shoot.

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