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DVD: HUGE – 12 Biggest Dicks Ever In Bel Ami

12 Biggest Dicks ever in BelAmi. How BIG do you want it?

The eye-popping batch of BelAmi superstars we´ve gathered for this must-see collection are sexy, horny in our new DVD HUGE.

Henri Gaudin, Tommy Hansen, Manuel Rios, Brett Tamblyn, Ralph Woods, Trevor Yates, Mark Zebro – need we say more? Their cocks are thick, gorgeous and ready to blow. They´re huge and they´re yours for the taking!

Ralph Woods is one of the few foreign models (he is Canadian) and also one of the few openly gay models employed by BelAmi. You can see him evolving from a thin gay boy with a huge dick to someone who is more and more muscular. “I am pleased at his evolution,” says George Duroy.

“Also, as much as Ralph looks very boyish and innocent, he is very strong-willed and determined to succeed in whatever he is doing.” Ralph is probably the most businesslike of all BelAmi models; he knows what he has to offer, and what he can expect in return.

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