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DVD: HUGE – 12 Biggest Dicks Ever In Bel Ami

12 Biggest Dicks ever in BelAmi. How BIG do you want it?

The eye-popping batch of BelAmi superstars we´ve gathered for this must-see collection are sexy, horny in our new DVD HUGE.

Henri Gaudin, Tommy Hansen, Manuel Rios, Brett Tamblyn, Ralph Woods, Trevor Yates, Mark Zebro – need we say more? Their cocks are thick, gorgeous and ready to blow. They´re huge and they´re yours for the taking!

Ralph Woods is one of the few foreign models (he is Canadian) and also one of the few openly gay models employed by BelAmi. You can see him evolving from a thin gay boy with a huge dick to someone who is more and more muscular. “I am pleased at his evolution,” says George Duroy.

“Also, as much as Ralph looks very boyish and innocent, he is very strong-willed and determined to succeed in whatever he is doing.” Ralph is probably the most businesslike of all BelAmi models; he knows what he has to offer, and what he can expect in return.

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DVD: Frisky Summer 4 – Summer Loves, Scene 5

DVD: Frisky Summer 4 - Summer Loves, Scene 5Nearly two-and-a-half full hours of manboy sex with models like Daniel Avedon, Danny Saradon, Julian Armanis and Tim Hamilton is enough to make any one happy, but when you add BelAmi into the formula, you’ve got a fantastic sexfest!

Don’t expect any story line or plot – one isn’t needed at all. The boys tell their own story through images instead of words…

Frisky Summer 4 (Year: 2002) is all that and more. From beginning to end, this film is filled with smooth-chested, muscle-bound, massively endowed studs of grade-A prime beef and chicken. Set against a serene meadow and forested area of Eastern Europe, this fourth installment of the Frisky series outshines even its predecessors.

Nineteen (yes, 19!) Hungarian and Czech stallions grace the screen with their supple bodies and beautiful asses. They have sex in the woods, in a cabin, in a sauna, in bed and more. They fuck, suck, kiss, lick mangina and shoot loads of cum on each other throughout the entire flick and give us a non-stop roller coaster ride of passion and fun.

This gigantic orgy was one of our most technically difficult to film, as the beautiful boys spoke at least five languages among them. However, it is among our most popular episodes ever – and it is one of our favorite locations.

If you decide to measure your stamina against these boys, we recommend a huge bottle of lube and a month’s supply of Viagra. And don’t pleasure yourself alone – bring some studs home to enjoy the fun!

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Tommy Hansen in Mini Orgy

A mini orgy we’ve roughly defined as 5-7 people and that’s what you have here. This terrific sex party was first seen in a Bel Ami favorite: “Julian.” “For some reason I picked all big dicks for this scene,” George Duroy says. “It was not planned that way but clearly it was how I was thinking when we were casting for this scene.” Also, “Julian” was filmed about five years ago. Bel Ami’s film making techniques have grown and changed since then. “Our fans will notice some differences in style and editing,” George says. “It will be interesting to receive feedback from our longtime customers who can compare how we filmed episodes then and now.

Belami models in this scene:

Tommy Hansen

Tommy Hansen is another special case in the annals of Bel Ami. He is known for his lively and outgoing personality, as well as a truly spectacular physique. He was fond of telling the story of his father bragging that the infant Tommy had the biggest penis of any other baby boy in the maternity ward. But no one, not even George Duroy himself, suspected the mess he would create.

At the height of his popularity, Tommy joined the cast of the Czech reality-television series “Big Brother,” which was a violation of his contract and contradicted the explicit wishes of George. When Tommy’s erotic modeling career was inevitably revealed on primetime television, it briefly became a national obsession to seek out his films. As a result, all of [spoiler]his costars were exposed for public examination and the deliberately low-key profile Bel Ami had maintained for years was smashed. George decided not to sue Tommy in order to avoid more tabloid drama. It was an interesting twist that the revelation of his porn career only made Tommy a bigger star. He may not have won “Big Brother” — he was initially kicked out, then brought back by producers, allowing him to finish in third place — but in the end he received all of the attention and adulation he craved. Tommy was among the most sexually talented models Bel Ami has employed over the years. As his physique suggests, he is an accomplished sportsman. For a time he was an amateur kickboxing champion. Today he owns an underwear store in Prague. [/spoiler]

Julian ArmanisJulian Armanis is trained as a pastry chef and was scouted by Bel Ami when he was moonlighting as a fashion model. “He never lost his expensive tastes,” recalls George Duroy. “He is quite stylish and fashion-forward among our boys.” George considers him the embodiment of a Bel Ami model, with a lean and muscular physique, a beautiful face and a big cock. When Julian finished out his contract as a model in 2002, he worked for a time as an accountant and office manager in our Prague office. He is intelligent with a good sense of humor. However, he can also be moody and there is something enigmatic about him that adds to his sex appeal. “Julian is a beautiful man of many contradictions,” says George. “He can push your [spoiler]buttons, but also he is an expert at winning you back.

Andre PagnolAndre Pagnol is one of the few openly gay models we have employed,” George Duroy says. “I wanted to construct a story around him because I felt he was strong enough to carry a film, but he was constantly coming and going from the business, so the idea went down the drain.” Andre was endowed with a beautiful, fat cock. He was very good company, and could become quite intense during filming. He worked as a hairdresser for a time, then decided to switch careers and lived in the U.K. for a spell to improve his English. “He still films episodes for us from time to time,” George says. “I am not tired yet of those piercing blue eyes and that beautiful, monster cock.” His first feature role was in “Julian,” and he was part of a terrific threeway between Marc Vidal and Giorgio Carrera in Flings 2.

Adrian KinskiAdrian Kinski was a decent, middle-class kid with proper manners and demeanor. He was very good friends with Julian Armanis and they remain close to this day. Adrian worked behind the scenes with Bel Ami as a soundperson and handyman for many years. He left in 2008 at George Duroy’s urging to start his own business remodeling and painting apartments. “He is still in touch with us,” George says. “He definitely was not kinky. Adrian’s sexuality was very innocent and clean, which does not mean that he did not enjoy sex. But he was very straightforward in his ideas and presentation. His dick was exactly right; the right size, shape. He was very likable and good, clean fun.

Pierre DelonPierre Delon was a Russian boy. George Duroy borrowed his surname from Alain Delon, the actor (“I don’t know if Alain Delon had the same dick, however,” says George.) Pierre is famous for having a huge cock; actually, it was incredibly long. “He had an improbable personality for a porn star because he was very shy and very quiet, almost withdrawn,” recalls George. “But he also had a nice sense of humor.” When George sees a certain kind of lips on a boy, he can usually tell if he will be sensual or not, and this was the case with Pierre. “He definitely was. He was one of the most reliable models I ever worked with,” George says. Unfortunately, when Slovakia joined the European Union the process to secure a visa became very difficult, and in the end, Bel Ami stopped working with Russian models. But George remembers Pierre as one of the all-around nicest models he has encountered. [/spoiler]

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