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Justin Saradon and Phil Jarreau

For our 2nd ‘Summer Break‘ scene, Justin Saradon and Phil Jarreau are visiting one of Luke Hamill‘s sets to see if they can pick up a few pointers from the old pros. It does not take them long to decide that they can probably do just as well all by themselves, so head off to find somewhere private in the BelAmi Chateau.

Justin Saradon, as the more experienced of the two, definitely takes the lead in this scene and Phil shows that he is indeed a quick learner when comes to sex. As a little aside, who can guess who the 2 ‘old pros’ are that Luke was filming in the beginning of the scene? Next week we are back with Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery and Jean-Luc Bisset.

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Phil Sardou

Phil SardouFinally we introduce stunning Phil Sardou. Phil is very tall and big in every way. He’s a very friendly guy. Famously, when asked in his interview what’s the wildest thing you ever did sexually? He paused a second and answered, ‘maybe when I had sex with a guy.’ His reply was rather matter of fact. He loves being in front of the camera.

..maybe when I had sex with a guy.

He’s also a handball fanatic. I’m sure that’s one of the ways he keeps so fit. We certainly have plans for Phil. From your feedback on his Casting Couch, I’m convinced a vast majority of our readers do too.

Phil Sardou goes to school, studies Electro-Technical. He’s interested in digital communications, internet, telephones.

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