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DVD: Skin on Skin 2

DVD: Skin on Skin 2Every now and then at BelAmiOnline our guys, such as Brandon Manilow, Dario Dolce and Ennio Guardi, like to make love Skin on Skin.

Vadim is the star .. and has blossom into a first-class model.

Our first collection of scorching condom-free action was a smash hit and now we’ve got a sizzling second installment ready for your pleasure.

Vadim Farrell is the star of this DVD and is finally starting to relax and blossom into a first-class model after one year of filming for George Duroy. He is athletic with a beautiful face and lips, and not to forget; a big dick.

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Eric Bouna & Julien Husseys Blowjob Party – Part 3

Paul MekasEric Bouna & Julien Husseys Blowjob Party continues today with Part 3. The boys ‘entertain’ the new BelAmi models Lucien Leuwen, Marcus Aaron, John Hudson and Paul Mekas one by one.

We first met Eric Bouna in July 2008 in a training session with Alex Orioli and Luke Hamill. Since then he has had a number of memorable episodes and had the claim to fame of being the first guy fucked by Kris Evans.

Julien Hussey is BelAmi’s impish new sex machine from Budapest. Julien is on the cover of the DVD Eye Contact which is directed by Lukas Ridgeston.

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DVD: PinUps – Swimmers

PinUps - SwimmersSwimmers is the 5th in this series of solo DVDs for BelAmi. I would have thought any movie following on from the sumptuous collection of guys in PinUps – Athletic would have been had a very hard job to measure up, but it is not so. This DVD is a collection of beautiful mean with the divine bodies, washboard abs and the typical BelAmi big cock.

..he reminded us a bit of Hucklebury Finn, with his unkempt hairstyle and farmboy looks.

Here is a bit of information about each of the guys:

1. Jason Knightley is still exclusive with Bel Ami (as of 2009) and we consider him to be in the middle of his career. He is a university student, and very athletic, with one of the best bodies around, and a nice, big dick. He is trained as a bottom, but George Duroy enjoys how Jason is becoming more and more successful as a top.

2. Colin Hewitt is beautiful. Nice cock, hairy ass, great body and face. In fact he is a perfect overall package. Colin also has a scene with one of our American friends so keep an eye out for that

3. Sam Sloan is another of of guys from Hungary. For this photo shoot Eliot decided to take Sam into the bathroom of one of our locations there, just to provide a bit of variety in scenery. Want to get in the tub with Sam?

4. Denis Carter is another of our new guys from Hungary. He possesses one of the finest pairs of legs and a great ass. That is to take nothing away from the rest of him as well, He is also very handsome with a long thick cock.

5. Vadim Farrell is a rising star! In November we featured him in his first suck scene with Florian Nemec, and since then he starred in a 2 part special with Dario Dolce and Luke Hammil. Both of those scenes are also available on BelAmiOnline.


6. Ewan Patterson‘s photosession came online in September this year and caused quite a stir amongst our members, particluarly because of his boy next door looks and hairy legs and butt

7. Lucien comes to us from our Hungarian studio. He is 6″1, 176 pounds and 21 years old.

8. David Biondi will be coming up soon on BelAmiOnline. He is a handsome blonde with boyish looks. You can already see his casting in the members section.

9. Marcus has a delightful impish grin to compliment his tight, swimmers body. he is just the type of guy you would want to take out on date to be assured of having a great time.

10. Mark Huckleberry was given his monica because he reminded us a bit of Hucklebury Finn, with his unkempt hairstyle and farmboy looks. I for one will volunteer to be his ‘Jim’ on the raft any day

11. Ennis Marley is a very handsome guy with a nice big dick. He comes from our Budapest studio where he is just part of a huge group of stunning guys. Unusual for BelAmi, Ennis has a tattoo on one arm, but instead of detracting from his looks, it enhances him in a ‘bad boy’ kind of way.

12. We’re very happy to be able to introduce you to Dan Arlett. Dan is not your typical BelAmi guy. Sure he has the prerequisite huge cock, but he also has an awesome tattoo of a crucified angel across his back. I’m in love already.

Dan is also the cover boy for this movie![/spoiler]

Take the free tour and see Dan, Colin and Vadim and more Bel Ami models hard and naked in ‘PinUps – Swimmers’!

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