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Remastered: Lukas Ridgeston and Tim Hamilton

Today marks the start of our remastered Lukas in Love series. Originally released back in 2005, Lukas Ridgeston has proven to be one of the most memorable gay porn star of all BelAmi‘s classics boys. For this remastered video version, we have decided to follow the original film in its entirety, from Tim’s betrayal of Lukas and following his path to finding love again.

Lukas Ridgeston wanted to surprise his boyfriend Tim Hamilton with flowers but when he arrived home he found him fucking another guy. Lukas leaves abruptly while Tim continues to nail the new guys ass until they both fall from the bed.
Meanwhile, Lukas is fondly remembering the time when they were much happier.

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Forever Lukas – Scene 6 Home Video with Kevin Warhol and Lukas Lukas Ridgeston

No tale involving Kevin Warhol however is ever complete until Kevin gets his way.

In the finale to Forever Lukas, we learn that actually Kevin and Lukas Ridgeston had secretly made a home video earlier when Kevin (very much the cunning one) had seduced Lukas.

There is always a bit of rivalry between Jack and Kevin, and if anyone thinks that he will just lay back and sulk after Jack stole his role in the scene with Lukas, they are sorely mistaken. As it turns out, Kevin has already seduced Lukas before and is determined to make sure that Jack finds out about it.

Unlike all the other scenes in Forever Lukas, this one was filmed earlier on (about 2 years ago) when George Duroy first started thinking about a Lukas comeback.

It was all planned and shot by Lukas himself and at that time many of BelAmi‘s scenes were still being filmed with condoms.

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Forever Lukas – Scene 5 Lukas Ridgeston with Kris Evans and Jack Harrer

Finally we get back on story with our crew of boys, and Luke Hamill is on hand to film the long awaited special with Lukas Ridgeston and Kris Evans both topping Jack Harrer.

In a tag team fucking effort, Lukas shows us that he really still has was it takes to be the king of porn and Kris the crown prince.

Jack as our emerging star is up to the task of bring out the best in both of them.

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