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Out At Last 3: Cocktails

Out At Last 3: Cocktails3 Hours! Ten New scenes! More hot scenes form the Bel Ami Personal Trainer series. A must have for all collectors.

They never had sex in front of each other before they met…

“Out at Last 3: Cocktails” is made up out of orgy scenes that were cut out of other movies for one reason or another. But I don’t believe the description we have already given for this episode properly describe what happened that day. I had to call Marty Stevens into my office to iron out the details of this little anecdote.

What happened was we took Josh Eliot with us to this little mountain chalet where we also shooting “Personal Trainers 5“, I believe, with a large group of models who were doing their training. Most of the big faces from our African generation were trained over there. And Josh came with us.

Marty Stevens was directing, as I had not yet arrived. And I don’t know what happened, whether Marty did this as a joke or simply forgot, but he did not take into account that Josh at that point had not filmed anything at all. Not even his training episode with Sebastian Bonnet, which our customers know so well.

At the time for this orgy we had our most aggressive tops at the time: Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik and Oliver Krist, who were really as machine-like as possible; they could fuck in any position and very hard. Also in this scene was Mario Sardi, who did not film much with us and later became a bodybuilder.


Little Josh was studying for an exam in school. He was sleeping in the room where they were filming and walked in to retrieve a textbook while Marty was preparing for filming. And somehow he ended up in this orgy being fucked by all three of them. They really fucked the hell out of him and it was his first time, perhaps his first time with sex ever!

Marty told me Josh did a very good job, but was in such a state of shock afterwards that he walked downstairs and drank an entire bottle of vodka and nearly contracted alcohol poisoning.

Some of our customers might wonder how little virgin Josh could simply walk into the room and end up being the bottom for three of our most aggressive fuckers. How this happened changes depends on who is doing the recollecting. But he apparently just walked in the room and Marty said, “Why don’t we try it?” And Josh was stupid enough to agree. It was quite an experience for him!

I was really pissed with Marty at the time because I thought Josh would quit. I did not want to risk a first-class model over a start like this, but over time he became as good a fucker as the others and suffered no ill effects.

A postscript: Everyone knows the story of Tommy Hansen and how his appearance on “Big Brother” on Czech television exposed all of his costars as well as Bel Ami itself to the tabloids. However, it was Mario Sardi who gave us our first taste of mainstream media nuisance. Mario Sardi won a Jr. Bodybuilding competition and bragged to the media about shooting porn. He somehow believed the media would take this news as casually as he delivered it to them

Bel Ami`s Personal Trainers extraordinaire give new boys hands-on experience in having mind-blowing sex in front of a camera. “Out at Last 3” has 10 scenes which for one reason or another were not used in a “Personal Traners” video. George Duroy gives background information on each episode. The stamina of Bel Ami`s trainers mixing with the potent bevy of lissom beauties results in cocktails for two, three, four or more!

The first episode pairs the Bel Ami veteran Oliver Krist with J.J. Grant, who (as Corey Grant) was one of the featured Bel Ami models in the French Vogue Hommes several years ago. The second episode features a pair of friends, Michael Horak and Jozef Hudak who arrived together from a small town in Western Slovakia. They never had sex in front of each other before they met the amazing Dano Sulik. Jason Paradis was an early guinea pig when Bel Ami started filming training sessions, and this scene shows the memorable day Jason spent with Oliver Krist and Joe Koslowski.

Many other highlights are included in nearly three hours of Bel Ami material.[/spoiler]

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Personal Trainers 9

Personal Trainers 9Good models aren’t born, they’re trained, and working with Bel Ami means they’re trained by the best. Bel Ami’s Personal Trainers, Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet and Marc Vidal, teach raw young recruits how to give and take it like men.

Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the cinema vérité filming captures every second of the explosive action in the non-stop sex-a-thons. The ninth “Personal Trainers” video is a worthy addition to—what a prescient reviewer predicted very early on— “one of the great series of all time.”

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Personal Trainers A+

In this finale to the Personal Trainers series, Sebastian Bonnet`s consummate talents as a taskmaster are on display just as much as the abilities of the freshmen. Sebastian Bonnet, joined by Dano Sulik and Brandon Manilow, puts a gifted group of studlets through their paces, drilling them over and over until they know how to have white-hot sex on camera. In the end, each of them received a solid “A+” for his performance. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the cinema vérité filming captures all the explosive action in the four non-stop sex-a-thons.

Jimmy LarsonJimmy Larson comes from a strongly Catholic family in a small town in Northern Slovakia. He likes bodybuilding and spent the latter half of 2004 doing his military service. On one hand he wants to work with us, on the other he keeps appearing and disappearing so we never know for sure when he`ll show up. We know that people like him as much as we do, but we can`t predict when we`ll be able to film with him.

When we shot this episode, the neighboring house was under construction so you might hear some background noise. We tried to eliminate what we could.

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