DVD: Get it up

What else is there to do on old farm in middle of the countryside other than chop wood and play chess? If it is in the world according to Lukas Ridgeston there are many hard and horny alternatives. Join the boys they Get it Up for you.

After shooting each day we would sit by the fire and roast sausages over the flames and tell each other about our sexual fantasies.

After the first film, Intimate Liaisons, which had a certain type of mystique at its theme, we wanted to expand on the mystery aspect a little for the second film. The chess game was intended to be more than just an introduction to the scenes, it also acts as a metaphor for our lives as well.  In real life sex is a combination of game and reality, with each partner maneuvering  the situation for either their pleasure or their partners; making certain moves that will either immediately or in the future have some impact of the game. In a very real sense it is like directing the game or situation.

At the very beginning of the movie it is actually Lukas Ridgeston you see playing chess, moving the pieces and therefore setting the scene, creating the situation for the sex scenes that will follow.  When everything is set up on the board, his role is replaced by the first couple and as the actors in the scene, they take over their own destiny in the scene, and also in the game.  As they play, the fantasy builds.  Each chess piece takes on a personality and they move the pieces around the board building up the sexual tension. Like lovemaking, they start off slow and deliberate, with thought going into each move, and as they get more into the game the moves become faster and faster.  Less thought out and more an instinctive reaction, until the climax of the game.

Everything in life is action and reaction, and it is the same in this film. Get It Up was filmed in a small village with a very easy going atmosphere.

It was either this or the landlady may have been sneaking bits of fresh meat to Babula in the kitchen while we weren’t looking.  I suppose that  we’ll never know for sure which is was, but knowing Babula as I do, I am sure it was the first option.

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Get it up – clip 2

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