Vadim Farell in bed with Dario and Luke – Part 1

Vadim FarellVadim Farrell made his erotic debut on our website in late summer 2009. The young Hungarian native is quickly winning over everyone at Bel Ami with his wit and charm, starting right at the top with George Duroy. However, George is an excellent judge of character and personality, and as he will do, used a small incident about mushrooms to unlock some of Vadim’s personality quirks and bring out his best as a performer and model.

Soon after they first met, George prepared a dinner for Vadim that included mushrooms, which he detests. George soon learned that Vadim often proclaims he hates something or that he would [spoiler]never, ever try a certain experience — until he has time to think about it.

“Once he considers an experience, he will try it,” George says. “And then he will become quite cocky about his expertise! This can be very charming or quite annoying depending upon your perspective. But now that we know this about him we can put in the time necessary to create an excellent episode.”

George also says Vadim dreams about getting tattooed with animals and animal symbols. “The first tattoo he wants is of a frog,” George says. “Not a tiger or lion, but a frog! I told him if he wants a frog then there will be no more money coming from Bel Ami. Not surprisingly, he has decided to wait to get the frog tattoo.[/spoiler]

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