Davy Paxton

Davy PaxtonDavy Paxton hails from a small-town family and was quite anxious about being exposed as an erotic model. “However, his very strong sexual appetite and kinky side won out over his anxiety,” George Duroy says. “He learned that he loves performing and living out his sexual desires and fantasies for the camera.” During his time with us, Davy also learned that he is quite an independent thinker and that the freedom of a big city was far more suitable to his personality. It took a lot of effort to break free, but he managed to do it — so much so, that he even landed an acting role in a major Czech film.

He went on to study hotel and restaurant management, and today works as a bartender. “Although his weight can fluctuate, this is because Davy truly savors life, so I don’t hold it against him,” George says. “And you cannot deny the intensity and passion he puts into all of his performances.

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