Danny Saradon

Danny SaradonThere are certain performers who become divas once they get a taste of fame and good money. It was the other way around for the adorable, magnetic Danny Saradon. “When he first arrived, Danny was quite a handful,” George says. “He was ambivalent about modeling and could be quite arrogant on the set when we would be shooting.” Over time, we came to realize Danny was acting out of self-preservation. Once he learned to trust us and relax, he was never short of a pleasure.

Danny is fond of spinning tall tales and delivers them quite convincingly, so it can be difficult to tell when he is being truthful. “Danny is not a liar,” George says. “He merely enjoys testing your sense of humor and displaying his skills as a comic.” He is also quite a writer and has displayed quite a filthy mind over the years via text messages “accidentally” sent to the wrong person. “Privately, he is far from the innocent boy his looks would suggest,” George says.

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