Ales Hanak

Ales Hanak is one of the biggest models ever to work with Bel Ami. He is very good-natured, with a great sense of humor. By profession, he is a car mechanic. Ales travels to the United States frequently, making lots of erotic videos for several different companies. Ales suffers from quite an “identity crisis:” In his first photo shoot for an American magazine he was called “George.” Then in his first videos (not for Bel Ami) he was called “Jirka Kalvoda.” In “Lucky Lukas” his name is spelled wrong (”Hanek”). And in another US magazine his first name was Americanized to “Alex.” Then in December, 2000, he was featured in Playgirl Magazine under the name “Jeremy,” and they told their readers he is Hungarian (he’s actually Czech). – Take the free tour and see Ales Hanak hard and naked in his movies!