Dolph and Brandon

Here we are in the heart of winter, but it is always summer whenever Dolph and Brandon are around.
The opening scene from the Lemonade series has to be the best BelAmi scene of the year, pairing up BelAmi veteran Brandon, with newcomer Dolph.
Brandon always knows how to handle the boys but Dolph is already learning all the tricks to get exactly what he wants, and this time Dolph is horny, so we all know what he wants from Brandon!  It does not take Dolph long to coax Brandon away from his breakfast and morning newspaper and into the sun bed… just a quick wave of Dolph’s banana and he quickly forgets all about the financial crisis unfolding in the morning news. Dolph may get what he wants, but he gets it the way Brandon wants to give it.

Bel Ami never goes wrong filming outdoors for Mr. Duroy can make it appear as though it’s the Garden of Eden every time. In this episode, Dolph, the sly little devil, entices Brandon to follow him over to an impressively large tent with side [spoiler] flaps wide open, revealing a cool welcoming bed within. With succulent fruit in hand, Dolph lures the ever-willing, always adventurous Brandon to partake of it, as well as the forbidden fruit tucked between his legs. Ah, the devil in the form of a snake, temping Brandon with its siren song of sexual desire!

As Dolph lies in bed, his butt cheeks are alluringly exposed from under his Bermuda shorts. Brandon, his own Bermudas slipping more quickly than a bag of rocks from his hips, swiftly joins the blond tempter. Our breath stops momentarily as we watch Brandon start to straddle Dolph. As his left leg swings over … there, for the entire known world to see, is one of the greatest sights ever, Brandon’s genitalia hanging tantalizingly limp, in all their masculine glory, against the backdrop of his inner thigh. Once he starts to nibble and whisper sweet nothings into Dolph’s ear, though, his limp cock turns to granite, never to go soft again for the remainder of the scene.

Upon shooting his nectar into Dolph’s mouth, Brandon goes directly to what he’s been waiting for, saying, “Show me that cute little ass of yours.” What a romantic! The light blond hair on Dolph’s butt and thighs is like white silk, glimmering in the light as he moves into position. “Such a nice, tight ass,” is the ultimate compliment coming from Brandon who’s had his share of some of the best. Though never penetrated and rarely seen, the camera does offer a quick glimpse or two of Brandon’s own as it works itself into a sweat, pounding away at his friend’s buttocks. Watching those beefy cheeks flex with each plunge can induce wet dreams all on their own.

“Want to mix things up? Let’s try something a little different. Add some spice … with an acrobatic flair.” There’s no damping Brandon’s zeal in experimenting with new boinking positions, especially when it’s his partners who have to contort their bodies into unusual angles. In this particular case, Dolph’s shoulders are planted squarely on the ground with his body supported upward by the edge of the bed as his legs bend naturally to his chest, laying bare his unguarded rosebud to the heavens, and to Brandon’s anticipatory pecker. “This is a position right out of a porno. I just hope we aren’t in a porno film.” One wonders if Dolph sees the humor in Brandon’s wisecracking. When Dolph rights himself and commences to ride Brandon’s cock, we’re given to drooling over Dolph’s butt cheeks and thighs as they flex in unison to our heartbeat, both quickly slipping into harmonic sync. It clearly shows Brandon is truly enjoying himself with Dolph. The chemistry between them is real for they give off the vibe they’d be humping each other’s brains out anyway, even without this Garden of Eden.[/spoiler]

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