Todd and Dolph in Croatia

This pairing of two of our most popular Bel Ami boys is quite winning; it’sexy and amusing in equal parts. It came about because Dolph was preparing to shoot new episodes, but the weather in Bratislava had been overcast and cloudy and he was looking pale. George Duroy felt he needed some sun to get tanned and clear up his skin, and also to relax and enjoy himself before working.

At the same time, Dolph had recently purchased a new car and was anxious to take a road trip. So George advised him to get together with Todd and take a two-day trip to the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. But there was a proviso: The boys had to [spoiler]bring a camera and tape themselves as they toured the city and rolled around together between the sheets.

“There was no other cameraman present with them,” George says. “Sometimes one of them held the camera while the other was sucking on him, for example. Other times they placed the camera in a static position and just let it run.”

Back in Bratislava, Todd edited the footage himself. The result is an uninhibited look at how two sexy, horny Bel Ami boys behave when they are alone together with no crew, costars or director.
“The chemistry is quite good,” George says. “When Todd and Dolph returned from Croatia they were bickering like a couple who has been together 20 years.[/spoiler]

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