Luke Hamill and André Pagnol

Luke Hamill is pleased with his well-endowed friend whose schlong is one of the wonders of Bel Ami. Luke can’t wait to get André’s throbbing muscle into his mouth so as to suck it for all its worth. He quickly positions himself into a sixty-nine so as to get right up into that undercarriage to enjoy the aromatic enticements while sucking away at André’s cock ‘n’ balls. But enough foreplay as Luke comes up for fresh air and breathlessly pronounces, “My turn to pound your ass. Enough of this oral nonsense.” Wow! What a romantic. Luke is so turned on by his partner’s ass, though, that he revs up his ramming speed to such a degree his balls become a mere blur as André Pagnol rides him without a cringe or a shudder. André, jacking off, shoots off a load as Luke continues to slide in and out of nirvana. When it’s Luke’s turn to spurt sweet nectar, André is right there, like the trooper he is, to slurp up cum as it spills out in streaming white ribbons.

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