Luke Hamill and Kurt Diesel’s Lunch Affair

Lunch Affair finds Luke Hamill discovering Kurt Diesel sitting out by the pool. He quickly scoots him inside where they get as far as the stairwell before falling into each other’s arms for a passionate bout of kissing. Kissing is good, but Luke is raring to get to the heavy meat. Luckily for him there’s a white sofa conveniently placed at the foot of the stairs to which Kurt quickly finds himself pushed to with Luke landing atop him. Kurt’s shorts are pulled off revealing sumptuously meaty buttocks and thighs. Out pops a huge boner as well which immediately [spoiler]finds itself in Luke’s warm, moist mouth. Luke wastes little time, though, in getting his friend’s legs in the air thus revealing a light smattering of hair all over Kurt’s undercarriage. It surrounds his rosebud as well which Luke happily flicks with the tip of his studded tongue before it digs deeper into the widening hole, to the obvious delight of Kurt who looks as though he’s reached sexual nirvana.

There’s a wonderful contrast between these two; Kurt is big and hairy, and Luke tall, skinny and smooth. But it’s Luke who’s really turned on owing to Kurt’s tantalizing beefiness, gnawing on Kurt’s thighs like a dog on a bone. Mysteriously, though, while Luke is lurching in and out of Kurt’s backside, an unidentified hand appears from out of nowhere, playing with Luke’s wiggly butt cheeks, and flouncing balls. Just as quickly, the hand disappears, never to be seen again. A most unusual mystery! It certainly doesn’t deter Luke from his appointed mission, though. After we’re soothingly hypnotized by Kurt’s velvety ball-sac, which dangles and sways for a far too short period of time while he is on all fours, he repositions himself to sit and ride Luke’s cock with his own large, half-limp pecker bouncing up and down in the breeze to the rhythm of his movements. Upon detaching himself from Luke’s pole, Kurt turns to suck Luke’s dick which quickly squirts a load onto Kurt’s face. Kurt licks the puddles of white semen from around his mouth like a kitten cleaning his whiskers after drinking a bowl of milk. Luke, ever the courteous young man, gives a helping hand to Kurt who sprays a string of white droplets everywhere.[/spoiler]

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