Seriously Sexy Part 1

Seriously Sexy Part 1Brandon Manilow is Seriously Sexy. In addition to that, he just can’t keep his dick in his pants and is always on the lookout for the chance to fuck someone new, much to the dismay of his boyfriend Josh. Come along with them on their holiday in the sun and see what they get up to, as Josh shows Brandon that he is not the only one who knows how to have fun.

What’s hotter than watching Alex and Manuel eating each other’s cum?

With the release of Seriously Sexy 1, Bel Ami once again takes us to the warm clime of South Africa where a gaggle of their finest lads—eleven in all—frolic heatedly about in cool bedrooms and on warm patios. Brandon Manilow, though having Josh Elliot as a boyfriend, can’t keep his dick in his pants as they enjoy a vacation together.

Josh jealously shows his promiscuous boyfriend, though, that he too can have fun flinging his dick about when they hook up with fellow oversexed lads whose own appendages are flinging out of their trousers faster than rabbits on steroids. At a raucous house party later in the day every swinging cock links up with likeminded asses as this bunch of revelers use every available nook and cranny to boink their brains out.


The day begins with Brandon and Josh waking up, the duvet barely covering their naked bodies. “How was your sleep?” Josh asks teasingly. “Quite good. But somebody put his finger inside my ass all night,” responds Brandon smilingly. With foreplay out of the way they kiss, caress, and writhe about the bedcovers before jacking off on each other. Leaving Josh behind on the bed, Brandon takes a shower with the bright summer light bouncing off his thick cock and bulbous ass as the water trickles down his taut body. It’s like watching an ethereal being operating beyond the confines of physical reality.

After showering, Brandon goes a huntin’ for ass, returning with Brian Bennet. Once in the door they’re passionately kissing, sucking, and fucking in the foyer like wild animals. Josh spies them from atop the stairs, shaking his head, “This isn’t happening… He’ll fuck even a key hole.” After this licentious encounter, Brandon, being especially cute, attentive, and frisky as a naughty kitten, returns to Josh bearing a rose, begging forgiveness and promising never to cheat again.

But Josh has something else in mind as he goes out to buy a pair of sexy, tight-fitting swim trunks. At the store he encounters a cute and vivacious store clerk, Paul Valery, who is more than willing to return home with Josh for a swim in the pool and, yes, a sexual fling. Both are great long-distance shooters, and surprisingly, both bottom for the other, thus making this unanticipated flip-flop tryst most memorable.
What do virile young lads do at a party other than eat, drink, and make merry? They hunt out testosterone-fueled libidos needing relief. Thus party goers are seen pairing up, slinking off to quiet little nooks to sate hormonal desires.
Davy Paxton and Paul are lucky in finding an empty bedroom where Davy pulls the clothes off Paul’s body quicker than the speed of light, leaving poor Paul with only a pair of socks, a thick pubic bush, and a smile covering his vulnerability. After being sucked off by Davy whose pants unfortunately never leave his hips, Paul jacks himself off and shoots one of his legendary discharges to his nipples.

Meanwhile, Alex Orioli and Manuel Rios have staked claim to the outdoor hot tub, standing in the middle of the swirling water making out with their cocks stiffer and harder than the wooden deck surrounding them. If the water wasn’t hot enough, they make it hotter still. “You want me to suck your cock?” Who, in their right mind, is going to turn down that offer from Alex? This eye-riveting tryst is simply … Hot! Hot! Hot!

To Kurt Diesel and Brian, cleanliness is next to sexiness as they pursue their sexual gratification in a sunny bathroom. There’s no foreplay with these two as Kurt wastes no time in boinking Brian.

What’s hotter than watching Alex and Manuel eating each other’s cum? Why, Jeff Daniels eating out Brandon’s bunghole in the kitchen pantry. Not only does Jeff get to rub his fingers between Brandon’s butt cheeks, but he gets to lick the holy of holies, Brandon’s bunghole which has been the most elusive of bungholes. Rarely seen, never touched, and never penetrated. It’s a cinematic revelation with the viewing and touching of Brandon’s most intimate orifice. Jeff’s oral ministrations don’t go unrewarded as Brandon’s cock rams up into Jeff’s butt hole with an intensity only Brandon can deliver, time after time.

After lunch, Jeff is back at it, this time with Leon Boisen, but only for a quickie blow-job in the doorway before… He’s in the bedroom, again, having grabbed ahold of Paul who promptly begins to give Jeff’s anus a thorough washing with his probing tongue. When Jeff is set to shoot, Paul quickly positions himself to slurp up the juice as it dribbles from Jeff’s muscle. Paul is so busy servicing Jeff; he fails to take his shorts off during their frenzied encounter.

Having not been sexually fulfilled earlier by Jeff, Leon has paired up with the still sexually hungry Davy. Quickly bedding him, he lovingly and sensually penetrates Davy’s cute hirsute posterior. At the same time, Josh and Brian have hooked up after horsing around with the other lads. Josh sticks his tool up Brian’s tushie to relieve their built-up sexual tension, and by the end, they discharge their frothy cum in unison.

As the other partiers are scarfing down the remainder of the food, Alex is finding something far tastier to tantalize his taste buds, namely Josh’s garden of good and evil between his butt cheeks. Alex has an unquenchable appetite, though, and rolls Josh over so as to tackle the meat and potatoes. Elsewhere in this den of iniquity another couple of horny horn toads are hot at it with Paul’s thick throbbing monster getting intimately knowledgeable with Troy Allen’s innards.

The party comes to a close in a grand finale with Brandon and Kurt gladly giving mutual blow-jobs. Being tops, though, they invite a willing Manuel to bottom for them as each takes his turn at the gorgeous hirsute derrière. In addition, he’s more than willing to take these beefy studs’ cum. What a great party![/spoiler]

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