Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom“In Benjamin’s case, it pays to play soccer every day,” George Duroy says with a smile. Benjamin’s shapely, muscular thighs and bum attest to that! “We fell in love with him the moment he appeared in our office, and fast-tracked him to stardom,” George recalls. “Personal Trainers 9” was among his first episodes.

He originally lived and worked in a small town, and unfortunately fell victim to harsh public scrutiny when his modeling career with Bel Ami was exposed in the wake of his costar Tommy Hansen’s appearance on the Czech reality-television series “Big Brother.” Benjamin was forced to leave home and settle in a larger city to regain his anonymity and privacy. He worked for a time in the Bel Ami office until he completed his training as a real estate agent. “He is one of our most reliable and even-tempered boys,” George says. “He also happens to have a big appetite for sex.”

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