Interview with Dolph Lambert

Dolph LambertDolph Lambert combines wholesome blond good looks with down-to-earth farmboy roots, a recipe for a true Bel Ami superstar.

Here is a fun fact about Dolph: He once missed a shoot because he had to plant some potatoes.

A music fan, he loves hip-hop and plays the electric guitar. At 20, he manages to stay on the Dean’s List of the technical university he’s attending, alongside maintaining his reputation as one of the most reliable and thorough models from the Bel Ami casting couch.

Raised by parents who are educators by profession, it should not come as a surprise that he is so well-rounded. But it is Dolph’s “undeniably naughty charm” – as George Duroy terms it – that continues to delight his fans.

For his first paycheck, he was at a crossroads on how to spend his money. He wanted a car, but it occurred to him that he could always take the train. So what did he do? Dolph took half the amount and bought stocks when they were at its lowest and traded when the value went up!

Dolph likes a good spaghetti dinner at an Italian restaurant, although it’s hard to tell when you check out that body (he does spent a great deal of time in the gym).

Here is a fun fact about Dolph: Believe it or not, he once missed a shoot because he had to plant some potatoes.

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