Trevor Yates and Niall Phoenix

In a scene bound to spark comparisons with an earlier Bel Ami episode, Trevor Yates and Niall Phoenix are no doubt fantasying about driving in wide-open spaces with the wind blowing in their hair as they gaze dreamingly upon a fleet of fast cars at an auto show. Alas, they come back to reality and pursue more realistic goals of playing with each other’s finely tuned machinery tucked away in their trousers.

It doesn’t take long before Niall is thrusting his red-hot piston into Trevor’s mouth, exploding like an eight-cylinder with residue dripping from Trevor’s lips. Owing to his friend’s long stick-shift Niall can only suck the tippy-tip. Trevor, on the other hand, easily slides more than his tip between his buddy’s butt cheeks. “Slap me,” gasps Niall, as his body gyrates excitedly with Trevor’s monstrous schlong lodged tightly inside him. It was exactly what he needed for he came lickety-split even as Trevor continued to pump away.

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