Interview with Todd Rosset

Todd RossetWhen Todd Rosset first arrived for a Bel Ami casting call, George Duroy was reluctant to use him because he was so young-looking. However, Todd matured before our eyes.

Todd’s father knows all about his son’s career and has no problem with it.

Todd Rosset has been a big part of BelAmi for some time and growing up right before our eyes. His amazing eyes, sweet lean body, and great personality have made him a star. Learn more about what he is doing today, what he is working on in his personal life and his other jobs at BelAmi.

“He is very well-mannered and has a tongue-in-cheek humor,” George says. “Todd is also another of our boys who has rediscovered his sexuality while working here.” Indeed, Todd evolved into a power bottom.

Todd Rosset truly enjoys being fucked by two or more guys, but in private he prefers sex that is sensual, rather than too rough or aggressive. He is also extremely oral and can easily deep-throat. “Todd worked for eight months in San Francisco as a waiter to improve his English,” George recalls, “and he came back with his ability to deep-throat!

He is now quite an accomplished oralist.” He recently graduated from university with a degree in physical education. In his free time he enjoys sports, particularly soccer and skiing. Todd’s father knows all about his son’s career and has no problem with it. This emotional freedom has led to a further blossoming of his sexuality, and his already-voracious sexual appetite.

Todd tells all to the camera, enjoy!

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